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Sid Glassner

Sid Glassner

 Sid Glassner joined us for our weekly segment of Is Our Children Learning to discuss, with Rich, the reaction Gossler Park School has taken in the wake of an alleged party that was held at the house of first grade teacher Steffany Maloney’s house and resulted in the police being called.  Should she have been put on paid administrative leave before the completion of a complete investigation.  Sid offered the opinion that there exists what he called a “cultural imperative” that demands swift action and is consistent with due process.  What do you think?  Should this action have been taken?  Listen to the complete transcript and decide.

Rich in Sid moved on to the so-called “special meeting” held for the benefit of Commissioner Virginia Barry.  She made it clear she did not want to be there, and the meeting felt like a “missed opportunity.”  Our anchor and guest, Sid Glassner, expressed the shared opinion that the meeting was poorly prepped and lacked direction.  They then pivot to the subject of Common Core testing.  Sid identified deep flaws in the testing logistics and questions whether or not this program can actually “inform instruction?”  Listen in and decide if you think anything is being accomplished with this controversial testing program.

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