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Mayor Ted Gatsas

Mayor Ted Gatsas

After a regretful story about Cindy at the tax collectors office, Rich asked Mayor Ted Gatsas about the restoration of the Michael Briggs Community Center.  Building On Hope is a NH nonprofit organization that is heavily involved in the project.

Rich changed gears and asked the Mayor if the democrats were making a national effort to unseat him, before he moved on to today’s big topic: the drug court.  Drug court may not be a revenue machine, but it is undeniable that it gets results.

As the second segment began they continued on the drug court topic.  In this heated topic they discuss some lies that were being told to keep the drug court on the ground.  The Mayor told us that he heard not one valid point, from anyone, about why the drug court should not have been passed.

Finally, Rich and the Mayor moved on to some positive news, including the American Legion and the STEAM ahead program.  The Mayor gleefully informed us that the private sector is getting involved.

The teacher contracts were the next topic on the table.  “The teachers that we have in this district give 150%,” said the Mayor.  Rich made the association with the teacher’s union and inquired about the potential financial impact of the other unions following the example of the teacher’s union.  To end the interview Rich asked the Mayor about Uber, LED street light conversion, and lastly he asked him about the city pool opening dates.  Tune in to hear all about it!