Candia Fire DeptThe Candia Volunteer Fire Department is hosting a large scale mass casualty drill this Saturday.  The drill will involve multiple mutual aid services including Auburn Fire, Chester Fire, Raymond Fire, Raymond Ambulance, Deerfield Fire, Deerfield Rescue and A M R Ambulance.  The exercise will involve thirteen pieces of apparatus, forty five fire-rescue personnel and forty five “victims.”  They will be using the north end of Old Deerfield Road between Route Forty Three and Critchet Road.  Motorists are asked to avoid this area between Friday morning and Saturday afternoon. The road will be closed to traffic.

Shaheen:  Documents under review

Shaheen:  Withheld documents under review

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire has scored a victory in the Freedom of Information lawsuit it filed against the I R S more than a year ago.  Last year, C S N H filed a FOIA request with the I R S to determine the roll of Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen and former Democratic Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter in the agency’s targeting of conservative groups.   Just days ago, the I R S was ordered by a federal judge to turn over fifty one pages of documents it withheld from their response to the request.  The documents were ordered to be reviewed by a judge to determine if they should be released publicly and they have now been delivered to her chambers.  We will, of course, let you know what the judge says once she rules on the documents.  For more information, visit strong nh dot com.

Derry Budget Battle:  Is the end in sight?

Derry Budget Battle: Is the end in sight?

The Derry Town Council will hold a special meeting tonight at six to take action on the eight referendum petitions deemed sufficient by legal counsel on July first and set a date for a special election if required.  The meeting was called under section five point nine of the town’s charter by councilors Joshua Bourdon, Phylis Katsakiores and Richard Tripp, the three who opposed the budget cuts that roiled the fire department and others in town.

The referendum petitions in question are those submitted by citizens to overturn the council’s budget cuts.  The board voted to have them reviewed by legal counsel before taking action.  Saying they needed time to review the legal findings of their attorney, the board’s majority took no action on the petitions during their July first meeting and declined to release the lawyer’s opinion stating they needed more time to get their questions answered.  The planned to take the matter up at the council’s next regularly scheduled meeting.  The three councilors in the minority have now forced the issue.  As it is very unlikely any member of the majority will switch their vote and accept the petitions overturning their cuts, the petitions are expected to be ordered to ballot in a special election per the town charter.

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Big names, old battles come from day 3

Big names, old battles come from day 3

Day three of the election filing period in the Queen City has come and gone.  It mostly saw the filing of more incumbents and big names.  Diane Guimond clearly is hoping third time’s a charm as she’s filed for a third consecutive election against Welfare Commissioner Paul Martineau.  Former Alderman at-Large Mike Lopez is looking to make a political comeback, filing yesterday for the at-Large seat he held for a dozen years.  Robert Tarr also filed for alderman at-Large.  Joe Pishgar joined the race for alderman in Ward One and Phillip Harris, who ran for state rep. last year filed his candidacy for alderman in Ward Three.  Lisa Freeman will make a second run for school board in Ward Five and Mark Flanders will run for school board in Ward Four.  Ward One State Rep. Joe Lachance is now a candidate for school board at-Large.  We’ve linked to the story we posted to Oh My BLOG! at Girard at Large dot com last night with all the filing details.

Nucatola:  Discusses dismembering babies over dinner

Nucatola: Discusses dismembering babies over dinner

“When you discuss governmental (taxpayer-funded) grants or subsidies, it is clear that the flow of public funds to this organization must be stopped.  Planned Parenthood must be called to task for their directly benefiting from the babies they abort.”  That’s just part of what Jane Cormier, President of New Hampshire Right to Life had to say in a communicae to supporters issued after a video surfaced showing Dr. Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood discussing, among other things, how she organized her pending abortions for the coming day to get the organs she needed from the babies she was going to abort to fulfill requests made for them.

Cormier:  Blasts baby butchering, calls on Councilor Sununu to oppose funding

Cormier: Blasts baby butchering, calls on Councilor Sununu to oppose funding

Planned Parenthood has said it doesn’t sell the babies’ body parts, it donates them and that Nucatola was merely referencing shipping costs in the video.  In her statement, Cormier wrote quote:  “Killing babies is a business and their body parts are mere commodities.”  She wrote that quote “any business or organization engaging in the solicitation of aborted baby body parts is breaking several federal laws…Businesses who benefit from encouraging abortion only to engage in the illicit enterprise of profiting from the organs and parts harvested from those killed innocents is both chilling and criminal.”  End quote

Chris SununuCormier took direct aim at District Three Executive Councilor Christopher Sununu who, in the past, has voted to fund the organization.  Noting that Council Democrats Christopher Pappas of District Four and Colin Van Ostern of District Two, are in favor of funding Planned Parenthood and and that Republican Councilors David Wheeler of District Five and Joe Kenney of District One are firmly opposed, she wrote quote “It is Councilor Sununu’s vote which will determine whether hundreds of thousands of NH taxpaying dollars will continue flow to Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics here in NH.”  She urged supporters to contact Sununu, a Republican who is considering a run for governor, and tell him no more tax dollars to Planned Parenthood or other New Hampshire abortion facilities.  Sununu’s email is c sununu at n h dot gov.  She also provided Sununu’s telephone numbers, which we’ve published with this news read at Girard at Large dot com.  Executive Council Office: (603) 271-3632  Home Office: (603) 658-1187.

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