As released by the Sununu campaign, we publish Chris Sununu’s announcement for governor of the state of New Hampshire.  ~Publis

Sununu: “I’ll put New Hampshire on a new path; one where everyone can realize and share in new opportunities”
Sununu:  Announces for governor

Sununu: Announces for governor

SALEM, NH – Today, Executive Councilor Chris Sununu announced his candidacy for Governor of New Hampshire. Speaking at the Salem Republican Committee Labor Day Picnic, Sununu said he would be a problem solver and offer a new brand of leadership.

“I’m running for governor, because we need to close the opportunity gap that Democratic governors have slid us into over the past two decades,” said Sununu. “We must end the expansive policies of government that are stifling economic growth in our state. As governor, I will work to reestablish an economic climate that will provide dependable, high-paying jobs, and develop pro-growth initiatives to stop the loss of skilled workers and young people to other states.”
An environmental engineer by trade and business owner with 700 employees in the North Country, Sununu said that strengthening education would be a priority and a necessary step toward closing the opportunity gap.
“We must reform education to ensure that every family has the same opportunity to maximize their student’s potential in our schools. That means empowering parents and teachers, and getting Washington bureaucrats out of New Hampshire’s classrooms. Breaking down barriers to school choice. Providing more funding for charter schools. Paying our brightest teachers the best wages. And, it means building a responsible budget, so that we can reinstate school building aid once and for all.”
Sununu was first elected to the Executive Council in 2010, and reelected by wide majorities in 2012 and 2014. He has been a vocal proponent of fiscal discipline and accountability throughout state government.
“I will veto a sales or income tax, but that pledge is not enough. Unlike the Democratic governors of the past, I will make sure that pledge is not used as an excuse to expand other taxes and fees.”
“When Maggie Hassan says it’s ‘good enough,’ that’s not good enough for New Hampshire. We can no longer afford the government-first solutions from our current governor. New Hampshire must not be allowed to lose its edge, and we must restore our ability to compete in the region. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of lagging Massachusetts. That is not the New Hampshire I know. That was never the case in New Hampshire when I was growing up.
“I’ll put New Hampshire on a new path; one where everyone can realize and share in new opportunities and a vibrant and growing economy. New Hampshire is rich with ingenuity and blessed with people who are not afraid to work hard. As Governor, I won’t just be a cheerleader, I will be a problem solver and a coalition builder to move us forward and make a meaningful difference for the future of our state and the lives of its citizens.”