Hassan:  Not a surprise announcement

Hassan: Not a surprise announcement

Her Highness the Governess Margaret Wood Hassan yesterday made the not so surprising announcement that she will run for the U. S. Senate, setting up a very likely battle between her and incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte.  Rather than stage a live event, Hassan made the announcement via a video released on YouTube, in which she claimed credit for everything from tax cuts to balanced budgets to job growth and said that she was running for the Senate to improve Washington’s response to the state so that it could do even better than it’s done during her two terms as governor.  Oh, and just to prove she was all about bi-partisanship and progress, she said she’d put a stop to the politics over Planned Parenthood’s funding.  Thank God for that!

Referring to her as “Governor Gridlock,” State G O P Chair Jennifer Horn greeted the announcement by saying quote

“Hassan’s playbook of more taxes, more spending, and bigger government has not worked for New Hampshire families and small businesses. Her failed leadership has brought Washington-style gridlock to the governor’s office, and the last thing New Hampshire needs in the Senate is another rubberstamp for more partisan politics.”

Sununu:  Opponent doesn't matter

Sununu: Opponent doesn’t matter

Republican District Three Executive Councilor Chris Sununu, who announced his candidacy for governor several weeks ago reacted by saying quote:

“This election is not about which opponent I’ll face, it’s about a new direction for our state. For almost twenty years, Democrat governors allowed New Hampshire to lose its competitive edge, and now we lag states like Massachusetts in economic opportunity and growth. The politics of ‘good enough’ was not enough, and it has failed our working families, young people, and small businesses.”

Now that Hassan has vacated the seat, we can probably expect primary races on both sides of the ballot to get a little bit more crowded.

Foster:  Issues consumer alert

Foster: Issues consumer alert

New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph Foster is urging consumers to be vigilant following a security breach of T-Mobile consumer information held by the credit agency Experian. The affected consumer data included some personally identifiable information for approximately fifteen million consumers in the U.S., including an estimated twenty one thousand New Hampshire residents.

Affected customers are those who applied for T-Mobile USA postpaid services or financed a T-Mobile device between September 1, 2 0 1 3 and September 16, 2 0 1 5.  Information that was breached includes customers’ names, addresses, social security numbers, dates of birth, identification numbers (typically a driver’s license number, military ID, or passport number) and additional information used in T-Mobile’s own credit assessment.  We’ve uploaded the A G’s press release with all you need to know with this news read at Girard at Large dot com and suggest you take a look really quickly if you even think you’re information might have been compromised.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Tarr:  Complaints on the agenda

Tarr: Complaints on the agenda

The Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen will meet tonight at City Hall.  On the agenda is the letter from Robert Tarr asking the board to refer Ward Two Alderman Ron Ludwig, Ward Nine Alderman Barbara Shaw and Ward Eleven Alderman Normand Gamache  to the Conduct Board on the grounds they voted on the teachers union contract in violation of the charter’s conflict of interest provisions.  We’re told a similar complaint filed by Michael Sigurd Olszta was not on the agenda because it was eaten by the City Clerk’s dog.

Gatsas:  Asks aldermen for recommendation on benefits

Gatsas: Asks aldermen for recommendation on benefits

On the agenda for the Committee on Human Resources and Insurance is a letter from Mayor Ted Gatsas asking the committee to make recommendations on whether or not aldermen should pay one hundred percent of the premium cost of the health and dental benefits that the taxpayers now pay eighty percent of the premium for, eliminate the benefits or allow things to continue as is.  Gatsas also asked the committee to approve the planning and implementation of a dependent eligibility verification process to ensure that everybody receiving benefits is eligible for them.

Tax breaks for developers considered

Tax breaks for developers considered

At six thirty tonight, the board will hold a public hearing on an application made by the new owners of the old Farnum Center on Hanover Street for special tax treatment.  The building’s new owners are planning to do about two and a half million dollars in renovations, but don’t want to pay full taxes on the improved value that results from their work.  The city opted to adopt the Community Revitalization Tax Relief Incentive enabled by state law several months ago.  It’s what makes this request possible.  Those approved by the city would see the increased value brought onto the tax rolls over time as opposed to all at once.  We’ve uploaded the application with this news read so you can take a look in advance.

Vincent: “McScruff” for a good cause

If the faces of Manchester police officers appear a bit scruffy, don’t worry.  They’re not all going under cover.  They’re raising funds for and awareness of the Child Advocacy Center as part of its “Beards for Bucks” initiative.  Every participating officer paid thirty bucks for the priviledge of not shaving during the month of October.  The C A C is a non-profit organization that works with police departments and other state agencies with the primary goal of advocating for children who are victims and  or witnesses of violent crimes.

We received an email from Lt. Andy Vincent regarding both his and the department’s participation in the event.  He’s hoping to raise additional funds for the organization and provided a link people can click to donate.  Any amount is appreciated, he said and he asked that those who click the link, which we have, of course, posted with this news read at Girard at Large dot com,  select his name from the drop down menu.  Obviously, there’s more info about the group and its efforts at that link as well.  We thank Lt. Vincent for bringing this to our attention and ask our audience take a look because this one is REALLY for the children!  For those of you who can’t click at the moment, the address is c a c dash n h dot org slash beards.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next