Comcast alarm connections left hanging?

Comcast alarm connections left hanging?

The Bedford Police Department was notified that residents who rely upon Comcast to connect their alarm to their alarm company may be experiencing trouble.  A resident reported that alarms sent via Comcast telephone lines were delayed or not sent, giving a “communications failure” message.  Residents using Comcast to connect their alarm systems to their monitoring company may wish to check with their provider to ensure it is operating properly.  The department does not operate private alarm systems and relies upon monitoring services to provide alarms and medical alerts to the their communications center.  (Underlines in the original.)

Roy:  Explains changes

Roy: Explains changes

The Manchester Planning Board has decided to give the public another two weeks to provide comments on proposed changes to its regulatory scheme.  From September ninth to October ninth, the board used the city’s web site, publication in the newspaper, postings in public places and written correspondence to stakeholders to advertise the proposed changes to the Subdivision and Site Plan Regulations.  On October 15th, the board held a public hearing at which the number one comment was that they needed to allow more time to receive comments.  Accordingly, the board is holding the comment period open until October 30th.  The notice said written comments can be provided via e or snail mail.  We’ve listed the addresses with this newscast, as well as provided links to the current and proposed regulations and our interview with Alderman Jim Roy, who is a member of the board and came on the show to discuss the changes and the reasons for them.

The board is expecting to hold a workshop session to discuss all written comments received during the week of November 16th,  although the date has not yet been determined.  The board will also hold a subsequent public hearing to receive additional public comment, with the date to be announced.

Email:, or mail them to the

Mail:  Planning and Community Development Department, One City Hall Plaza, Manchester, NH 03101.

The current regulations can be found here – current regulations.

The proposed regulations can be found here – proposed regulations.

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Hassan:  Nominating sex offender apologist to bench?

Hassan: Nominating sex offender apologist to bench?

According to a recently published article in the Washington Free Beacon, New Hampshire Governor Margaret Wood Hassan has nominated an attorney with a history of trying to get child rapists off on technicalities to the bench.  Public defender Dorothy Graham, whom Hassan nominated to the Superior Court, has twice attempted to reduce the sentences of child rapists on technicalities, including a “clerical error.”

She took those cases all the way to the state’s Supreme Court.

In 2011, she appealed the 2009 conviction of Hector Ortiz, who was sentenced to 25 to 50 years in prison for repeatedly raping and sexually assaulting his girlfriend’s ten year old daughter.  She attempted to reduce his sentence to 10 years, citing a clerical error that led the judge to misread his punishment and also argued to waive the testimony of a retired detective.  Graham did not dispute that Ortiz was guilty of the offenses. The Supreme Court affirmed the sentence and dismissed Graham’s arguments.

She also challenged a kidnapping charge against a man convicted of attempting to sexually assault a seven year old girl he lured away from her driveway.  Daniel Casanova, then 3 7, was convicted in 2011 of attempted sexual assault and attempted kidnapping charges and was sentenced to between 10 and 20 years in prison.

Wheeler:  Nominees need to be investigated

Wheeler:  Further investigation needed.  

District Five Executive Council David Wheeler, Republican from Milford, told the Beacon while he said he is sympathetic to the necessity of public defenders and that they do not get to pick and choose their clients, he saw Graham’s pursuit of dismissals over “technicalities” as “disturbing,”  saying it needed further investigation.  We’ve linked to the article with all the details.

Graham argued that it was unclear whether Casanova meant to “penetrate” or merely touch the child “for sexual gratification.” The Supreme Court dismissed that claim, though it agreed to dismiss the kidnapping charge by merging it into the sexual assault conviction.  His sentence was not reduced.

SRO crowd at Webster School

SRO crowd at Webster School

Craig v. Gatsas at Webster School

Craig v. Gatsas at Webster School

Manchester’s mayoral candidates battled in Town Hall forum once again, this time on challenger Joyce Craig’s home turf in Ward One, last Friday night.  It would be safe to say the overwhelming majority of the questions came from Craig supporters hostile to incumbent Mayor Ted Gatsas, including one from Ward Eight School Committeewoman Erika Connors, who asked a question about their leadership styles and demeanors and Tom Lynch, the chairman of the Manchester Education Association’s Political Action Committee, who accused the mayor of lying about Craig’s votes on the technology bond he proposed that included significant funding for security improvements.  Lynch said she voted for it.

Craig: Relentless attacks, questionable claims

Craig continued her relentless assault on the mayor’s character and collaborative skills and desires, adding to her growing list of charges that the mayor failed to invite more state reps and senators to the press conference held at City Hall to announce the introduction of drug court legislation.  Gatsas responded that it wasn’t him who called or organized the press conference, it was the senators who hosted it, which appears to us to be true given that both the media advisory and follow up press release came from the state senate’s communications office.  Nothing was sent from the mayor’s office regarding the event.

Gatsas:  Upbeat in the face of continuous attack.

Gatsas: Upbeat in the face of continuous attack.

As to Craig’s votes on the technology bond, Gatsas said Craig voted against it twice before she voted for it.  (Wasn’t there a guy who ran for President who did something like that?)

Anyway, Craig lashed out at Gatsas over claims that she supported a sales tax, or fees to register children for kindergarten or proposed fees on plane tickets at the Manchester Airport.  She she didn’t necessarily support those items, but that they were included on a list of suggestions gathered from constituents while on the school board.  She said she presented all that she received, noting in her memo that she didn’t necessarily agree with them.

Of course, we’ve uploaded all the documents so you can see for yourself.

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