School Administrative Unit 29: Bans non-school Christmas tree lighting posters

School Administrative Unit 29: Bans non-school Christmas tree lighting posters

Seems Christmas tree lightings are too offensive to advertise in S A U Twenty Nine, which is centered on Keene and includes the towns of Chesterfield, Harrisville, Marlborough, Marlow, Nelson and Westmoreland.  Posters announcing the annual Christmas tree lighting at American Legion Post Twenty Four in Marlborough, which is also sponsored by the Monadnock Lions Club, were rejected by Superintendent Robert Malay until and unless the poster advertised a “holiday tree lighting.”  Apparently, Christmas tree lightings are now offensive and their advertisement won’t be allowed in schools.

Malay: Christmas is offensive, not allowed on poster

Malay: Christmas is offensive, not allowed on poster

We learned about this through a loyal listener who drew our attention to a letter to the editor in the Keene Sentinel written by Post Commander John Fletcher alerting the public to what happened.  He started his letter saying quote “I’m offended” and after giving details of the encounter wrote quote:

For years we have had a Christmas tree lighting and now it’s supposed to be a Holiday Tree lighting?

As commander of the American Legion it offends me. On Veterans Day, I spoke of the freedoms we have and the veterans who have not only served their country but have given their lives for what we have today: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. These are solid foundation stones upon which a great nation is built.

It seems to me that our new superintendent, Rob Malay, doesn’t understand this. I can’t believe the SAU board approved this.

I respect all rights; always have. But, do not take away our rights because you may offend someone else.

Merry Christmas to all.

Merry Christmas, indeed.  An email we sent to Malay regarding the matter has yet to be responded to.  We’ll keep you up to date.


MSD: New bus & school schedules take effect today.

MSD: New bus & school schedules take effect today.

New school and bus hours take effect in the Queen City today; a result of the teachers contract approved over the veto of Mayor Ted Gatsas in September.  The contract provided for the implementation of the so called “hours calendar” and, rather than wait until the commencement of the second semester after the holidays, it was full steam ahead to implement the new calendar.  So, starting today:

                              Buses arrive/student drop-off      Class begins    Dismissal

Elementary schools                     8:30 am                     8:45 am           2:50 pm

Morning preschool                      9:05 am                      9:15 am         11:45 am

Afternoon preschool                  12:35 pm                    12:45 pm         3:15 pm

Full-day preschool                       8:45 am                      9:00 am         2:00 pm

Middle schools                              7:20 am                       7:35 am         2:20 pm

High schools                                  7:38 am                       7:45 am         2:53 pm

All middle school morning buses will pick up five minutes later than the current time; all elementary school morning buses will pick up ten minutes later than the current time. (emphasis in the original) The adjusted bus schedules are posted online at transportation dot m a n s d dot org/ or are available upon request if you contact your school.

  • The hours for the Manchester School of Technology are unchanged.
  • Elementary students who eat breakfast served at school may arrive as early as 8:15.

The district has also that students will not attend school on February ninth, which is the tentative date of the New Hampshire Presidential Primary.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Chandler House; It's facing demolition. Photo courtesy of Ed Brouder.

Chandler House; It’s facing demolition. Photo courtesy of Ed Brouder.

There’s been a stay of execution for an historic landmark in Manchester.  The Chandler House has received a reprieve from the Diocese of Manchester, which offered the historic Victorian mansion for the low, low price of twenty nine thousand nine hundred dollars six weeks ago.  The catch was that the property needed to be moved by today to make way for a parking lot the diocese wants to build to support the neighboring St. Hedwig Parish.

Seems the outcry of historic preservationists and the concerns aired by the city of Manchester Heritage Commission and Board of Mayor and Aldermen have caught the attention of the diocese; that and there’s apparently been strong buyer interest in the property, but not enough time to evaluate options or see anything through.  We’ll hear from Ed Brouder of the Manchester Historic Association this morning regarding the historic home’s place not just in the city’s history and heritage, but in that of the diocese which wants to turn into into a parking lot.

Changes in Manchester Winter Parking Rules start tomorrow

Changes in Manchester Winter Parking Rules start tomorrow

Tomorrow marks a bold new day in the Queen City.  It’s the day when the odd – even parking system moves from a daily exercise to a monthly one.  Thanks to one Ward Two resident who continually badgered Ward Two Alderman Ron Ludwig, who continually badgered the Board of Mayor and Aldermen about the parking system that had people park on the odd side of the street one night and the even side on another, residents will now have to park on the even side of the street if the month is an even numbered month and the odd side of the street if it’s an odd numbered month.

Public Works officials opposed the change saying it would likely lead to more confusion given the city’s more than twenty year old practice, which put an end to a complete on-street Winter parking ban.  They’re also concerned that without the daily system, they will have to call additional snow emergencies to clear the roads and ensure snow is pushed back after storms are over to facilitate parking and travel.

Ludwig: Blames city for tickets, not those who violate ordinance.

Ludwig: Blames city for tickets, not those who violate ordinance.

Ludwig objected to the number of tickets given to those who violated the ordinance by parking on the wrong side of the street.  Apparently, the multiple fliers put on people’s windshields to inform them of the rules instead of tickets and other advisory measures taken weren’t enough for Ludwig who blamed the city for the tickets, not the people who ignored the advisories and parked wherever they wanted.  But hey, what do you expect from a guy who votes on contracts covering family members even though the charter says it’s not allowed?

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next!

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