(Hours 1b,2b) Earl MetzlerRich talked to us about an issue in which the Federal Government mandated that the Illinois School District allow a trans-gendered biological boy to get dressed in a girls locker room.

We then played a clip from a Timberlane Regional School Board meeting in which we heard about an issue where the budget numbers don’t match up with the number of enrolled students (Click here for the clip).  We got a call from Dave in Bedford who wanted to get in on the conversation.

(Hour 2b) Rich continued with the topic of the discrepancy with the numbers behind the students that Hooksett is sending to Manchester.  He pointed out the nine person difference and talked to us about the problems that can arise in local government.   He told us to stop trying to be all things to all people and pointed out that it’s better to do things right than to do things quickly.  Tune in to hear more about the topic.