Published as submited by Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers.  ~Publius

Tim Horrigan is desperate to clear multi-non-domiciled NH voter C. Robert Gibson of any voter fraud for his multi state voter registrations and inter-voting habits.

So here is the phone # we used to track down C. Robert Gibson in the first place. It is out of Jackson Mississippi where Gibson worked on a campaign for another far left progressive. Try it out: 601-454-6443.

Why, if you are such an expert on voter domiciles and election laws, don’t you call Carl up and straighten this whole thing out?

I am sure between the both of you; you can come up with some moonbat explanation for why he has a Kentucky Driver’s License. He has a car now registered in NH, since Ct. suggested calling the Concord PD on him when they found out his two year expired plates were driving around NH.

Carl Robert Gibson

Gibson exposed

You Tim, and Carl, can clear this up as well. It seems Carl’’s apartment caught on fire in September of 2013 – remember he “moved here to NH in 2012 and voted.

Here is his description of the fire from his open letter to Best Buy:

“Around 1 in the morning on this past September 11, I lost everything I own in a fire in just under three minutes (you can see a video of the fire here). I was working on another story, had my headphones on and audio turned all the way up, when I noticed my neighbor Nathan standing in my doorway. I took off my headphones and raised my eyebrows inquisitively. Nathan shouted, “The house is on fire,” pulled the fire alarm, and ran away. I looked out my window to see 12-foot flames engulfing the third-floor deck right next to my room. I slammed my laptop, grabbed it and my wallet, my keys and my cat while scrambling down the stairs and out of the house. By the time the fire department got there, I saw that the entirety of my room, including my new Samsung Galaxy S3, was already destroyed by the blaze. I was lucky to have escaped alive and uninjured, especially grabbing as much as I did before getting out. I wasn’t too worried about my $400 phone burning to a crisp – after all, I paid $60 for a year-long protection plan, right?”

The home Carl was living in was on 244 Lakeland Place in Madison, Wisconsin where he voted in a state election that year – because that is where he lived – as he describes.

He didn’t lose his Kentucky drivers license though – thank Goodness.

Here is Carl’s photo from the fire:

Yup, that’s the same dumb ass.

You progressives are good at mingling the facts and some fantasy to explain yourselves.

Have a go at this Tim and see what you come up with.

I’ll call Wisconsin.