(Hours 3a,b,c) Sid GlassnerWe were joined by Sid Glassner, Senior Fellow with the New England Society for the Study of Education, for Is Our Children Learning.  He and Rich talked about the inclusion of professional development and inquiry based learning within the classroom.  He pointed out four questions:

  • What are the goals?
  • Who is going to do it?
  • How are you going to evaluate it?
  • What is it going to look like in the classroom?

(Hour 3b) We continued with Sid Glasner for a second segment.  He and Rich continued discussing the PACE assessment and the other competency based learning methods.  They spoke about objectivity within the state mandated assessments.  Sid wondered if you really know how the student is going to be evaluated through PACE.

(Hour 3c) Sid talked to us about a report card that was created to grade the GOP Presidential candidates on their stance on Common Core.  He then spoke about a lack of petitions to validate or do away with Common Core.  He told us about the lack of educational issues within Presidential surveys.