(Hours 1a,b,c) Voter FraudRich started by sharing an update on the Project Veritas fraudulent voter sting.  He talked about the attorney general and spoke about Massachusetts‘ involvement.  “How do you uncount the vote,” he wondered.  He spoke about the lax in voter identification.  Tune in to hear more.

(Hour 1b) Rich spoke about the upcoming schedule for this morning.  He reminded us that this weekend is Valentines Day and told us about his favorite donuts.  He then continued with the voter fraud issue and shared about the traffic that the Facebook post has picked up.  He talked about out-of-state college students and pointed out when they should not be voting.

(Hour 1c) Harriet in Deerfield called in to share her thoughts about the domicile issue.  Rich then changed gears and spoke about this week’s Curriculum and Instruction meeting.