(Hours 3a,b,c) Ann Marie BanfieldRich started the segment by speaking about the Manchester School Calendar.  He talked about religious holidays that made it onto the calendar.  He was then joined by Ann Marie Banfield, Education Liason at Cornerstone Policy Research, who talked to him about school issues.  We heard about manipulating parents and they discussed the incident that occurred in Hallsville last year.

(Hour 3b) Ann Marie and Rich continued where they left off.  They discussed assessing people based off of mastering of competency versus letter grades.  They spoke about outcome-based educational models and Ann Marie shared the problems with competencies.  Also, we took a call from Harriet in Deerfield.


(Hour 3c) We started the segment by taking a call from Arthur , who wanted to talk to us about the lack of creativity within the new mandated .  Ann Marie discussed federal grants, which limit local control by allowing the government to come into the classroom and dictate how the classes to go.  We also heard about grading systems.