I spoke to Reagan George of the VirginiaVotersAlliance today about the wunderkind college student working for a Soros funded voter registration non-profit who “on his own” registered 19 deceased people to vote. One happened to be the brother of a sitting judge so he was caught by an alert election official and is under investigation by out illustrious FBI.

What could go wrong when the Feds investigate Democrats.

While I had Reagan on the phone we talked about the recent catch by his group, along with attorney J. Christian Adams of the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), of 1046 non-citizen voters in that state.

I got some great insights on how we can do likewise here in NH.

Here is the report on the non-citizen voters from the two groups of voter fraud investigators:

Listed in the report are the names of the 1000 or so non-citizen voters. I love that!

Talk about a tangible resource for catching inter-state voters. It doesn’t get any better.

For you progressives whose policies and agendas are being rejected by American voters, take a long look at what you and yours will do to win. Put your pasty hands over your beady eyes and chant out loud about there being no voter fraud.

That is what progressive frauds do you know. Ignore the evidence as long as you get what you want.

Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers