(Hours 3a,b,c) Donna GreenRich talked about the role of the committee chairman during School Board meetings.  He spoke about Donna Green’s situation with the Timberlane Regional School Board and informed the listeners about corruption in Board meetings.  Arthur Green called in to discuss financial issues within the Board meetings and tell Rich about moves made by novice members of the Board.  Finally, Rich spoke about his own experience in working with a Board and Central High School’s request for an additional assistant principal.

(Hour 3b) Rich continued in his discussion about educational finances.  He shared about how Manchester’s aldermen would like to allocate the money and spoke about technology’s place in education.  “Do kids who play rec league sports have to have a gym teacher,” Rich asked as he wondered about maintaining the status queue in education.

(Hour 3c) Rich furthered in his commentary about technology in the classroom.  He spoke about illiteracy rates, Common Core math and childhood anxiety over testing.  He shared his opinion that education is becoming a fad driven enterprise and talked about the superior school curriculum that was utilized in the past.

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