Acebron-Peco: Citizen of Spain

Acebron-Peco: Citizen of Spain

What, Democrats can’t find anyone to run in Hillsborough County House District 38?  Enter Democrat and NH voter Bianca Acebron Peco of a post office box in Antrim and who is a dual citizen of Spain.

Can this get more complicated?

She was a campaign manager for Martha Fuller Clark in 2014:

Ms. Peco claims dual citizenship with the US and Spain but it isn’t always clear how that works – especially when you take an oath of office in NH to uphold the NH Constitution should you be elected.

Here is a web site with some information:

There will be more about Ms. Peco and her desire to be everything to everyone as the fact of her rub for office in NH unfold.

I tried to contact Spain for their laws regarding one of their citizens running for office in New Hampshire but they didn’t have a “Press 1 for English” option on the call.