(Hours 3a,b,c) Rich and Sid Glassner, Senior Fellow with the New England Society for the Study of Education, talked about the departure of Senator Kelly Ayotte, before sharing about pensions in Congress for Is Our Children Learning.  They then talked about Pearl Harbor Day and the the younger generation’s ignorance of the day.

(Hour 3b) Rich and Sid continued in their discussion about the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  Rich played an emergency radio broadcast announcement from the day of the event and Sid told him about what the day was like.

Click here for the video that was played.

(Hour 3c) In the final segment Sid informed Rich that this month is the three year anniversary of his time on the show.  He then talked about a program for international student achievement and shared about the importance of a healthy level of skepticism.  Finally, he spoke about teacher treatment in some other countries and shared comparisons between results in different countries.