A few thoughts on the Feminazi March on Washington DC.

Mostly white, and they probably have some sort of college degree where they were indoctrinated into not being able to think for themselves.

It was January and the weather was cold and wet – so we were spared from the sight of them taking their clothes of for more attention.

They were promised by their beloved media and professional pollsters that they were going to be winners – not LOSERS.

Nothing like having vulgar, hate spewing signs around the poor children they dragged to the event.

Lots of trash left behind – as usual with libs.

If your pink pussy hat had a cigar stuck in it, that means you support Bill Clinton.

Where was Cankles?

If a Muslim, pro Sharia woman and Michael Moore are you event leaders how could you not look stupid?

Did ANYONE get a coherent set of talking points explaining what the event was about?

They are “watching” President Donald Trump? Do they know nobody cares what they watch?

I was at the 2009 TEA Party Rally. The Feminazi 2017, internet organized, Soros paid for, march for whatever, was “not all that” as they say.