NH AG Joe Foster: Does nothing on voter fraud

Here is a typical, designed-to-find-nothing, voter fraud investigation the NH AG conducted after the 2010 General Election in NH.

This is a requirement of NH and Federal law. It is posted on the NH SoS web site under 2010 Investigations.

The NH AG’s Office investigator’s name was Mark Myrdek. The investigation was held on July 7, 2011. The “investigation” centered on a supposed data entry glitch caused by the Durham Clerk who used a “2” instead of a “7” causing the letter sent to same-day-no-I.D. voters to come back as undeliverable.

We are supposed to believe the Durham Post Office could not deliver a letter to the UNH bulk mail address for students because it was addressed 6177 instead of 6127? That is the AG’s story and about the end of the investigation.

Gregory R. Duperey showed no ID to vote and showed no ID during the NH AG’s investigation. If Duperey was asked to show ID the investigator would have found the name he was investigating was misspelled, and that Duperey had a Ma. driver’s license nine months after voting here.

Here is what I found after Gregory was arrested in Durham in a drug raid at the frat house on November 7, 2011, one year after illegally voting in NH: http://www.seacoastonline.com/article/20111107/NEWS/111070335

Gregory R. Deperey (Name used in AG investigation)
Greg R. Duperey (Real name) Date of Birth: 7/29/1990 Age: 26
On November 2, 2010 Gregory registered to vote, same-day, in NH.

He swore under penalty of perjury his domicile was: #66 Main St. Durham, which is:
Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity at New Hampshire
66 Main St. Durham, NH 03824

Duperey used his mailing address: UNH Student Bulk Mail 83 Main St.
Gregory R. Duperey’s last known address, before he voted here in NH, was on his Ma. driver’s license:
17 Tower Rd. Lexington, Ma 02421

That is the same address on his license one year later.

LinkedIn gives his education history:

University of New Hampshire
Sociology, Minor in Hospitality Management
2009 – 2011

After getting arrested in the Durham, NH, drug raid, Gregory transferred to another college. This shows another aspect of a false domicile when he registered to vote in NH in 2010:

*Johnson & Wales University
Bachelor’s Degree in Food and Beverage Management, Concentration in Casino and Gaming Operations
2012 – 2015

Did he keep his second lawful “domicile” in Durham? The one he “established through his actions” by voting here when he transferred to Johnson and Wales College in R.I.?

Of course not, because he never abandoned his Lexington, Ma. address. That is also why the NH AG didn’t ask for specifics. The facts would come out.

Same Gregory R. Duperey – registered in Florida (active)

Gregory Richard Duperey was born 29 July 1990 and he lives (or lived) at 502 S FREMONT AVE in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, U.S.A. His voter ID number is 123446620. He registered to vote 22 April 2016 and he is registered in the Republican Party of Florida. He is listed as White, not Hispanic.

He appears to have NOT registered in Rhode Island when he transferred to Johnson and Wales.
NH political activists entice thousands of out of state students to vote here.
Public officials who know better claim it is legal. The AG goes along.
All they want is to get past the next General Election and let the dust settle.
Time is running out to get this fixed.