The hearing on HB 103 took place this week in the Senate Education Committee.  The usual suspects were there to oppose parental rights.  HB 103 would require notification when sexual education would be taught to their children.  Anytime you try to inform or involve parents in the sex education of their children, the same people tend to show up and oppose that.  The worst part is, you probably PAY THEIR SALARY.

Who showed up to testify against parental rights this time?
1) Carl Ladd, New Hampshire School Administrators Association (5:15) NHSAA
2) Barrett Christina, New Hampshire School Boards Association (9:32) NHSBA
3) Planned Parenthood (32:40)

The Rep. David Luneau (D- Hopkinton at 21:25) and the ACLU at 30:25 also objected to HB103.

As one parent said after watching the video:
Donna Andronico:  The underlying issue is exemplified at 6:33 when Carl Ladd testifies that, as a supervisor, he “ALLOWED” parents to opt out before it was ever an issue. The problem is in the perception of the hierarchy of the public education system. As Supervisor, he is not in the position of “allowing” parents to do anything.

School districts across New Hampshire take your tax dollars and then pay dues to organizations that fight against YOUR parental rights. The best thing to do is to go directly to the school board and ask that they stop paying these dues.  Schools like Manchester and Nashua have stopped paying dues and that leaves more funding for important programs and needs for students and teachers.

I would suggest watching one child (26:00) who addressed the committee in support of HB103.  Watch and tell me why his parents shouldn’t be notified when disturbing material was given to him in school.

Finally, listen to Ann Brown (4:20) of Citizens Count New Hampshire.  She brought forth an informal survey that showed 2/3rds of the respondents supported parental notification when sex ed is taught to their children.

HB103 does not dictate what should be taught.  It didn’t put any parameters on the kind of sex education teachers could use.  It simply adds a layer of transparency when this kind of information is going to be taught to your children.

It’s important that you contact your state Senator and ask them to support HB103.  Make sure you also contact your local school board members and request that there is NO more funding for the NHSAA and NHSBA.  Let all elected officials know, NO more funding for Planned Parenthood.

The best way to deal with those who argue against parental rights is to DEFUND them.

Ann Marie Banfield began volunteering as Cornerstone’s Education Liaison in 2009. As an education researcher and activist she took her decade long research on education to Concord to lobby on behalf of parental rights and literacy. Working with experts in education from across the country, she offers valuable insight into problems and successes in education. She holds a B.A. in Business Management from Franklin University in Columbus Ohio. Ann Marie and her husband have three children and reside in Bedford, NH