(Hours 3a,b,c) Rich talked to Ann Marie Banfield of Cornerstone Action for Is Our Children Learning.  They started by talking about changes to the future of the segment, while Anchor Sid Glassner is unable to take his seat behind the microphone.  They then spoke about Tom Raffio’s conduct before the public at a recent Manchester School Board meeting.  Finally, they discussed Common Core and a vote against science standards. 


(Hour 3b) As Rich and Ann Marie continued, they discussed the battle between Commissioner of Education Frank Edelblut and the State Board of Education.  Ann Marie shared her opinion on the roadblocks that are being set up against Edelblut, who is trying to improve public education by review science standards.

Click here for the mentioned video concerning Ed Reform and click here for Ann Marie’s blog regarding the segment’s topic.


(Hour 3c) Rich started the final segment by informing the listener’s that the Granite State is a “Mother May I” state.  He and Ann Marie then commented on the resistance towards Edelblut’s review of the science standards and discussed the PACE assessments.  They shared problems with competency tests and wondered how the information gained from state assessments are being utilized.  Finally, they spoke about the assessment of values, attitudes and dispositions.  Tune in to get all of the details!

Click here for Ann Marie’s blog about the PACE assessments and here for more information about Cornerstone Action.