Scam alert issued

Earlier this month the Hooksett Police Department took a report from a senior citizen who was a victim of a phone scam.  The individual received a phone call from a male whom he believed to be a family member.  The male stated that he had been arrested and that bail money needed to be sent by means of gift cards over the phone.  After the victim purchased and sent hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards, he was contacted by another individual claiming to be the family member’s attorney.  The victim then sent a large amount of money through a wire transfer, believing it was needed for a motor vehicle accident the family member had been in, which led to the arrest.  The victim subsequently learned that it was all a lie. 

Phone scam: NEVER do this

This scam appears to target senior citizens and involves claims that a family member is in trouble, has been hurt or has been arrested.

The Hooksett Police Department would like the community to be aware that gift cards are not accepted as bail money in any jurisdiction and insurance companies would not demand wire transfers.  Police are urging residents to use caution before providing any personal information over the phone and to contact your local department with any questions.

MFD: Burning now allowed

The Milford Fire Department has announced it has lifted the ban it imposed on outside burning.  As of last Friday, residents may burn with a permit issued by the department.  The department warned that permits are required for any outdoor burning, even in the rain.

Hooksett: Leaves and grass in bags ONLY

The Hooksett Recycling and Transfer Department will be collecting bagged leaves and grass from Monday, May 8th thru Friday May, 12th.  All leaves and grass must be put in the biodegradable brown lawn and leaf compost bags.  No other containers will be picked up at the curb.  The bags must be brought to the curbside on your regularly scheduled rubbish pickup day.  No brush, tree limbs, stones or trash may be placed in bags.  Residents who do not use the special compost bags can bring the material to the facility where it is accepted at any time.  Please call at 6 6 9 5 1 9 8 if you have any questions.

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DeLemus: A political prisoner?

A rally will be held this Saturday from one to three in front of the State House in support of decorated U S Marine Jerry DeLemus, urging President Trump to free him.  DeLemus was arrested by F B I agents in March, 2 0 1 6 and transported to Nevada on a charge in connection with the 2 0 1 4 standoff with Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy.  The Bundy Ranch is located 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas.  Bureau of Land Management agents confiscated Bundy’s cattle over grazing rights and the Bundy family went public with their plight against the agency, and they gained a network of citizen supporters who flocked to Nevada from across the country to help round up the cattle and bring it back to Bundy’s ranch. 

DeLemus remains incarcerated in Nevada without bail, without due process, and without the Constitutional right to a speedy trial.  The rally is being held to bring the public’s attention to his plight.

Kimball: Free Jerry

Event organizer Jack Kimball, a former candidate for governor and former chair of the Republican State Committee said  he believed DeLemus’ arrest  was an act of retribution by agents of the Bureau of Land Management.  Quote:  

Jerry is a decorated United States Marine who served his country with honor and distinction.  He is a man of strong passions with a thirst for freedom.  He is a man who cares deeply about community and this country.  This is a gross miscarriage of justice for an honorable man who does not deserve this archaic treatment.

Susan DeLemus to speak at rally for her husband

In addition to Kimball, DeLemus’ wife Sharon, a state rep., will address the rally as will state representatives John Burt and Dan Itse. Conservative activists Karen Testerman, Omer Ahern, Garret Lear the Patriot Pastor and the Granite Grok guys Mike Rogers and Skip Murphy are also scheduled to address the crowd.  

For more information about the event and what’s happened to DeLemus, tune into Girard at Large tomorrow morning at seven when Kimball will be in studio for an exclusive hour long interview.  You can also visit the Facebook page set up to support the rally or call Kimball.  We’ve got the Facebook page link and Kimball’s number with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.  Jack Kimball 603-235-2862.

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American Legion Post 27 in Londonderry, in partnership with the Manchester V A Medical Center, will be thanking Vietnam Veterans, their loved ones and friends in a special way in May.  They’re hosting a Welcome Home and Service Recognition Ceremony at Post 2 7 in Londonderry, at 6 Sargent Road.  The ceremony will take place on Thursday, May eighteenth from six to eight P M. 

Vietnam Vets: To be honored in Londonderry

Vietnam Veterans who served in-country, in-theater, or elsewhere in support of operations  between November 1st, 1 9 5 5 and May 15th, 1 9 7 5 will be recognized individually in gratitude for their service.  Any veteran is welcomed to attend, as is the general public. 

Our thanks to Post 2 7 for this event and our special thanks to those who served in Vietnam, with regret for those who died believing their country didn’t respect or appreciate their service.

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