Chris Herbert

(Hours 3b,c) Rich was joined by Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.  Their discussion addressed the following topics: 

  • Alderman Herbert’s proposal to remove the elderly from their homes
  • Is the proposed tax increase affordable to the average taxpayer?
  • Should the Democratic Party disavow Alderman Herbert’s statements?
  • Marriage of Kindergarten funding and the Keno Bill

Click here for Fox News Boston’s coverage of the Alderman Herbert story.

(Hour 3c) Rich and Mayor Gatsas continued with:

  • Will a budget come forward on June 6?
  • Should the City Finance Officer step down?
  • Repaving of Elm Street
  • Proposal for increased funding for local infrastructure projects
  • Treatment for juveniles struggling with opioid addiction
  • Funding the war against the opioid crisis
  • Change in the State’s approach to the opioid epidemic