(Hours 1b,c,2a,b) 

Rich and Ed Naile discussed the topic of non-citizens voting in Virginia.  Ed then talked about the 2017 release of the states involved in the Interstate Crosscheck program.  They went through the numbers of voters in New Hampshire with the same first name, same last name AND same birthdate registered in other states.  Tune in for all of the details!

Click here to follow along with the Interstate Crosscheck Program numbers.

Click here for more information about the voter fraud taking place in Virginia.

Click here for the registered voter numbers in NH that were discussed.

(Hour 1c) Rich and Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, continued in their discussion of the Interstate Crosscheck program results for A Question of Voter Fraud.  They also spoke about Senate Bill 3, talking about the definition of domicile.  Finally, Rich read from the New Hampshire Constitution.  Tune in to get all of the details!

Click here for the information that Secretary of State Bill Gardner released.

(Hour 2a) Rich started the hour by giving the listener’s a history lesson about the clause that he read from the Constitution.  He and Ed talked about voter fraud in college towns and wondered about the voter fraud that is coming from residents from surrounding states.  Finally, Rich expressed his frustration towards Secretary of State Bill Gardner and his handling of the problem.  Tune in for all of the details.

(Hour 2b) Rich wondered if the information that the Secretary of State requested correlates with the data from the Interstate Crosscheck program.  He shared about a disclosure issue and they talked about how they found out about fraudulent voter Louise Ann Fontaine.  Finally, he pointed out the close races that could have easily been altered by the issue.  Tune in and get all of the details!