I’m done with the arrogant and unethical, screw the taxpayers attitude of elected officials – particularly in Manchester.

Stand by to be boarded.

Here is the text of the complaint sent to the Mayor today.  (June 16, 2017)

Your Honor:

Gaudet: Files complaint

As a 27 year resident of Ward 8, I am appalled by the flagrant disregard of City Charter provisions concerning Conflicts of Interest by Ward 2 Alderman Ron Ludwig and Ward 11 Alderman Norm Gamache at the Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 meeting of the Board of Mayor & Alderman in public session and on the public record.

Accordingly, pursuant to the the provisions set forth in the Manchester City Charter under Articles 8 & 9, consider this letter an official and formal complaint alleging violation of the City Charter by an Elected Official as defined by the charter, by debating, discussing and voting on the Fact Finder’s Report involving the Manchester Fire Department where both aldermen have immediate family members employed. A clear and plain reading of the charter would indicate that both aldermen are elected officials, their children are immediate family members, and the provisions of the Conflict of Interest article are quite clear that they may not discuss, deliberate or vote on these matters.  Ludwig’s violation is more egregious insofar as this is not his first deliberate violation of the Charter – as he acted similarly with the teacher’s contract issue last year.


(Publisher’s note:  Gamache also violated the city charter in voting for the contract with the Manchester Education Association as his daughter is a teacher in the Manchester School District.)

It is my expectation as a citizen and taxpayer that this matter will be investigated and referred for administrative procedures as set forth in the Charter. I expect that both aldermen are to be publicly sanctioned, fined and even removed from office as this is a penalty prescribed by law (See RSA 49-C:13)


Should the BOMA not see fit to investigate and punish these deliberate and flagrant violations of the City Charter, this matter should be referred to the NH Attorney’s General’s Office (Public Integrity Unit) for criminal investigation, as a violation of the city charter is specifically punishable as a misdemeanor offense (see RSA 49-C:31), and while I have full faith that the Manchester Police Department could thoroughly investigate this matter, the appearance of a conflict of interest as well as any political retaliation will be surely avoided if they are not involved.

As the Complainant in this matter, I expect and request that I be kept fully informed as to the progress and status of this case.

Please acknowledge receipt of this complaint via email above.

Thank you.

Publisher’s note:  Mr. Gaudet has advised Girard at Large that Mayor Gatsas has acknowledged receipt of this complaint.  Also, click here for the television show in which Rich Girard not only went through all of the charter language prohibiting their participation, but also played clips of those aldermen who said they would follow the law before they justified and admitted violating it.