I don’t have to read the whole thing. The headline says it all.


The brain trust that is the NH ACLU is suing New Hampshire so already watered-down, useless, public information on NH voter checklists, submitted to the NH Statewide Database they wanted so much, isn’t sent to the Trump’s Election Integrity Commission.

Ready for this?      

The American ACLU is suing President Trump for lack of transparency in the Commission’s function so far. No quote of a law was given by the writer of the article or ACLU spokesman.

Here is half the story, which is not much:

“The American Civil Liberties Union on Monday said it had filed a lawsuit against U.S. President Donald Trump’s election commission, saying it had failed to follow federal law governing public access and transparency for such advisory groups.”

What the Commission should do is offer the American ACLU total transparency so the NH ACLU can sue them to stop it.

End of story.