(Hours 3a2,b,c) Rich talked to Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.  The discussion took on the following shape:

  • Manchester’s ranking as one of the best managed cities in the country
  • Addressing claims surrounding the handling of the rape at West
  • Appointment of Emily Rice to City Solicitor’s Office

Click here for the mentioned article regarding the best managed cities.

(Hour 3b) Rich and the Mayor continued with:

  • Who knew what about the infamous hallway at West
  • What should be communicated to government officials
  • Criticisms aimed at County Attorney Dennis Hogan
  • Efforts taken by current administration to conduct an investigation
  • Campaign for re-election

(Hour 3c) Rich and Mayor Gatsas closed out the show by talking about:

  • Should the city be more aggressive in removing piles of trash
  • Chief Goonan’s announcement regarding shutting down a fire station
  • NH Food Bank’s impromptu food drop
  • Activity at the splash pad at Rock Rimmon Park
  • Funding for parks
  • Road construction details
  • Utilization of city funding