Lerner: Wins special election

The towns of Auburn, Chester and Sandown held a special election yesterday to fill the state rep. vacancy created in Rockingham District #4, by the passing of State Rep. William Polewarczyk of Chester in May.  The unofficial results released by the towns show Democrat Kari Lerner of Chester defeated Republican James Headd of Auburn 9 0 1 votes to 8 6 2.  Libertarian James Jarvis of Sandown received 4 1 votes.  Lerner will serve the balance of the term, which ends next December.

Sandblade: Whistle blower?

The Goffstown Zoning Board is conducting a rehearing on the sixty four foot tall condo development just a short block from Main Street at seven tonight in Town Hall.  Interested parties and neighbors are urged to comment on the ninety nine unit condo development, known as the Mill at Hadley Falls.  In an interview here on the Girard at Large Radio Show, Zoning Board member Emily Sandblade drew attention to a series of suspect issues surrounding the development, including the unexplained recusal of Zoning Board Chair Alan Yeaton, who opposed the project, the undue influence of Planning Board Chair Barbara Harris, who supports the project and the sudden appointment of alternates who are known to support the project, including a Planning Board member, and will vote on it, among other items.  We’ve linked to the interview for those who want to get up to speed.

Georgantas: More to the story, but no more said

And, in the interest of disclosure, we want to let our large and loyal listening audience know that Goffstown Selectman Peter Georgantas did respond to Sandblade’s interview last Friday.  He said there was, quote:  

“Lots of misinformation.  Lots more to the story.” 

He has yet to respond to our invitation to appear on the show to correct and add to the record.

Also in Goffstown, high school Principal Frank McBride, announced that Senior Hannah Tate was named a 2 0 1 8 National Merit Program Semifinalist.  Seniors Ryan Cook and Danielle Vermette were named as Commended Students in the 2 0 1 8 National Merit Scholarship Program.  

Tate: Smart cookie

About thirty four thousand Commended Students throughout the nation are being recognized for their exceptional academic promise.  Although they will not continue in the 2 0 1 8 competition for National Merit Scholarship awards, Commended Students placed among the top fifty thousand scorers of more than one point six million students who entered the competition by taking the 2 0 1 6 Preliminary S A T/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

From these high scorers, sixteen thousand, including Tate, were named National Merit Program Semifinalists.  Tate now has the opportunity to win one of the seven thousand five hundred National Merit Scholarships which will provide more than thirty two million dollars to students this spring.   The nationwide pool of semifinalists, which represents less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors, includes the highest scoring entrants in each state.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Moreau: Madame Alderman

Residents in Manchester Ward Six finally have a alderman.  Alderman-Elect Elizabeth Ann Moreau took the oath of office yesterday at City Hall.  Mayor Ted Gatsas was on hand for the ceremonies.  Moreau won a special election on September nineteenth and will face reelection for the next term in November.  She’ll again face Peter Macone who was runner up in the special election.

Manchester Ward Nine aldermanic candidate Jim Burkush has caused a bit of a social media stir, posting, quote: 

“To All concerned, I Will Abide by the City Charter”

Burkush: What does he mean?

in a Facebook group.  That touched off a torrent of comments from people either praising Burkush or, like ourselves, asking for further clarification on what that meant, particularly on the issue of whether or not he would vote on firefighter union contracts.  Burkush, a former fire chief in the city, has a son that works for the department.  He has yet to reply to any such inquires in the four days since he published the comment.

Libasci: Announces Red Mass

The Most Reverend Peter A. Libasci, Bishop of Manchester, invites people of all faith traditions to join him for the celebration of the annual Red Mass on the evening of Thursday, October 26th at 5:15 p.m. at Saint Joseph Cathedral in Manchester.  The Most Reverend Mark O’Connell, JCD, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Boston, will serve as guest homilist.

Each year, the Bishop of Manchester invites people associated with the study and administration of justice in New Hampshire to the Red Mass.  This annual event is an opportunity for the entire judicial, legal, law enforcement and legislative communities to gather with those who administer law in the Church for an evening of prayer for strength and guidance in their work.

Galileo: Trial to be studied

Immediately following the Red Mass, the Catholic Lawyers Guild of New Hampshire will hold a reception at the offices of Devine, Millimet & Branch, which is across the park from the cathedral.

In addition, the Guild will hold a Continuing Legal Education session starting at 3:00 p.m. in the Cathedral’s Hall.  Attorney Mark Attorri of Devine, Millimet & Branch will present a lecture on the 1633 trial of Galileo Galilei by the Roman Inquisition.  Drawing from transcripts of the proceedings and other primary source documents, he will offer a detailed look at this history-making trial, with particular attention to the rules, practices, and procedures under which it was conducted.

O’Connell: Featured homilist

Both the reception and the CLE are free of charge, but attendees are asked to R S V P by contacting Attorney Bob Dunn at redmass@devinemillimet.com. For more information, visit www.NHCLG.org.  We’ve got the links you need.

Bishop O’Connell serves as Vicar General Regional Bishop in the North Region.  He has been Judicial Vicar since 2007 and is currently on the faculty at both Saint John and Pope St. John XXIII seminaries.  He is also Chaplain to the Catholic Lawyers’ Guild of the Archdiocese of Boston.

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