The NH Democrats held a meeting to discuss their crooked superdelegate mess which was exposed when a candidate, not even in their party, was marginalized by having the superdelegates pledge support for his crooked opponent – before he announced his well-known intention to run as a Democrat.

As if that isn’t “Democrat” enough, there was a futile move to remove the name of a serial abuser of women from the name of their annual banquet. The serial abuser of women is the husband of the Democrat icon who was advanced in the Democrat Primary by the corrupt selection process.

But take heart!

A Democrat study commission, most likely stacked, will have answers for the people who are upset the Democrat candidate selection process is rigged.

As with any crooked activity, be it government or sub-government, wouldn’t it be nice to have a secret ballot? Instead of having people attending the Democrat meetings raise their hands for all to see, why not simply have a small paper ballot passed around to each attendee, Democrat or not, NH citizen or not, and then count the ballots and a have a true reflection of the results.

On second thought, no. Let the disgruntled Democrats who want a fair nomination process and the name of the rapist off their annual fundraiser suffer the consequences of being progressive.