Do you think it’s the state of NH’s job to force towns to provide housing to attract workers for wealthy corporations by taking your tax dollars and putting that money into funds for low income housing? Do you want developers to be able to take advantage of these taxpayer-funded perks from the state as a reward so they can make big profits while flooding your town with unsightly apartment buildings and overburdening your town’s services? Who then also bears the additional burden of extra taxes when an increase in those services is needed?

Make no mistake, it will be YOU, the homeowner.

To wit, here is a roundup of bills you should be opposing and/or asking our Governor to veto, which he should if he is truly a conservative.

SB 15 – This bill would allocate $10 million up front and, starting in October, $5 million a year from the real estate transfer tax, to go to a dedicated fund to support affordable housing projects. Ask the [email protected] to ITL.

SB 43 – Passed both Houses. This bill would establish a commission to study barriers to increased density of land development in New Hampshire. VETO!

SB 12 – Passed both Houses. This bill would establish the New Hampshire college graduate retention incentive partnership (NH GRIP) to provide financial incentives to college graduates who are hired by participating employers and makes an appropriation to the department of business and economic affairs for that purpose. VETO!

SB 154 – This bill would establish a committee to study tax incentives for promoting development of dense workforce housing in community centers. VETO!

SB 241 – This bill would allow a study to be done using federal grant money to plan for a commuter rail system that no one needs or wants. Write to the House Public Works and Highways Committee and ask them to “ITL” the bill before May 22, 2019 hearing. If it passes, ask the Governor to VETO!

HB 415 – This bill would make the adoption of the SB2 ballot law (which allows the public to vote by ballot on certain questions before the town) even more difficult to institute. VETO!

And the MOST egregious is SB 306
. This bill would make it easier for developers to override local boards using a 3-person state housing appeals board! The Senate knows it won’t fly, so they are trying to sneak it into the budget! Tell the House NOT to accept any budget that contains this provision!

Consider these bills and have your say about them before NH’s municipalities, which collectively have the lowest unemployment, poverty, and illiteracy rates in the nation, are doomed to suffer the rates of every other major city with 20% poverty, 20% illiteracy.

Capitalism is good. Crony capitalism is bad. Taxation is theft….