MANCHESTER, NH April 20, 2021–Saying he’s experienced better than expected fundraising early on, mayoral candidate Rich Girard said his campaign will launch radio spots on AM 610 WGIR and AM 1370 WFEA, the city’s two AM news/talk stations.  Girard said two thirty second spots will begin airing at various times throughout the day.  While he didn’t give specifics about the buy, he said it will be noticed  by those tuning in.

“Our early fundraising is off to a good start and we wanted to make an early investment in advertising to let as many issue focused voters know I’m in the race as possible.  We’re looking to build on the interest and excitement generated by the announcement of my candidacy last week and are very pleased to be able to take this important step.”

Girard expressed sincere appreciation to his campaign’s donors, saying he was truly humbled by their willingness to back him early in the race.  “Without them, this wouldn’t be possible and I am so very grateful for their early support.  We’re confident this ad buy will boost our campaign and provide a real return on this investment.”

Girard said people who want to help put new ads on the air can donate here.

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