MANCHESTER, NH  April 15, 2021—Saying it’s past time for the city of Manchester to get a handle on the many and serious issues that have festered and worsened in recent years, Rich Girard, a former long serving mayor’s aide, who’s been elected at-Large to the Board of Aldermen, Board of School Committee and a charter commission announced he will enter the 2021 race for mayor.

Several weeks ago, Girard launched an exploratory committee and Web site shortly after news stories reported his interest in the race.  At the time, he said positive feedback from the news reports encouraged him to take that next step.  Now, after collecting what he termed “an enormous amount of voter feedback” from a survey at, Girard said the time is right for a run.

“Manchester’s facing serious issues that threaten its quality of life and viability as a community,” said Girard. 

“It’s clear from the feedback in our survey that people are worried and believe the city is headed fast in the wrong direction.  After thirty years of involvement with city issues and government, I believe I bring a unique combination of knowledge, experience and skills that will enable me to lead on the issues facing the city and just simply get some important things done.”

Girard said survey results, which asked participants how the city’s handled a variety of issues and what they believed the priorities were, would soon be released.  The survey also provided the opportunity to weigh in on Mayor Joyce Craig’s job performance.  


Included is the announcement sent by Girard to his email list.

The Time has Come

The Time is Now

As I contemplated how I would announce my decision on whether or not to run for mayor, I just couldn’t get this this quote from Dr. Seuss out of my mind.  The time has come!  The time is now!  Richard H. Girard, will you please run now?

Therein lies the question.

As I’ve reviewed the responses to our Constituent Survey, which will soon be released, four things became crystal clear:

      1. The people of Manchester are painfully aware of the city’s problems;
      2. They have many ideas on what should be done to address them;
      3. They want someone with rational solutions to take immediate and decisive action to solve them, and;
      4. That person is not incumbent Mayor Joyce Craig.

One other thing became clear as well:  In order to address the ever increasing issues, countless concerns and furious frustration expressed by so many people, the next mayor will need more than carping criticisms, blame shifting or excuses.  The next mayor will need the background, experience, knowledge and expertise to turn things around and lead the city in a new and better direction.  The next mayor will need to have the ability to provide solutions and the determination and fortitude to get the job done.

Therefore, in light of my many years of hands on experience with city issues and government, I have humbly come to the conclusion that my time has come and my time is now.  I will be a candidate for mayor in 2021!

The task before us is big but I’m confident that, together, we can get it done!  I’ve been honored by the support that’s been offered so far and know it will continue to grow as we share our message in every corner and community in our city.  

Because it’s early in the process, your help is critically valuable and I need it today!  Building a campaign takes many things and most of those require cash.  Please donate now so that we can build the infrastructure needed to get the word out early, often and consistently to our fellow citizens!  This is a key to winning, especially since Joyce Craig raise over half a million dollars in her campaign two yeas ago!

Of course, another key to winning is delivering the solutions Manchester needs now, more than ever!  Between now and the candidate Filing Period in July, I will release detailed plans and proposals that will help our city overcome its many challenges.  They will be designed to fix what’s broken.

So, after careful consideration and confidence in the outcome, the campaign to restore our city begins!  Please act today to ensure it gets off to a great start!  We’ll see you out on the campaign trail!