Web site launched

It’s true!  I’m taking a serious look at running for mayor of Manchester this year.  To that end, I’ve officially formed the Girard for Mayor political committee with the Office of the City Clerk.  This allows me to raise and spend money while I consider the viability of my candidacy.
To that end, this fabulous Web site has been established and I’m asking you to take a look as soon as possible.  It’s urgent, really!
In addition to taking a brief but important survey, please visit the Donate and Contact pages and let us know how you will help.  Please also sign up for our email updates.
People have been paying close attention since my interest in running became public.  We filed the committee not only because the early support was strong and encouraging, but also because people were asking how they could donate or otherwise get involved.
Your early and strong support NOW is crucial for us to demonstrate that we have what it takes to win and persuade others to back our campaign sooner than later.  In other words, your early support will naturally lead to more support.  Your donation will generate other donations.  Your involvement will encourage others to get involved.  The impact of your help as this critical time cannot be overstated!

Rich & Jenn

I am blessed that Jennifer and our five children could not be more supportive.  The “G-Team” is all in because our city is headed fast in many wrong directions.  Recently, it was even featured as “The Worst City to Call Home in New Hampshire” by MoneyWise.com!
We believe the race can and will be won and that the city can and will be saved and we are looking forward to working with you to make it happen!  Thank you in advance for your early and strong commitment to help us make it happen today!

My best as always,