For Immediate Release

MANCHESTER, NH  May 22, 2021–I have examined and analyzed the recently released “Recommendations to the Board of School Committee Concerning Facilities and Programming,” which has the backing of the current mayor.  I believe it is a disaster for the schools and the city.

“It closes down West High, leaving the West Side without the high school it’s had for over 100 years.  It fundamentally eliminates Central and Memorial, destroying schools that have been a vital part of their neighborhoods for generations.

“The recommended construction will cost the taxpayers over half a BILLION dollars.  This fiscally reckless proposal will cost five times more than the $7.4 million per year we’re still paying on that “big and bold” $105,000,000 building boondoggle from 2001.  The $35 million in annual debt payments this proposal will create will ruin the schools and the city as they will be unable to afford any of the educational programming or resources our schools need to educate kids in the 21st Century.  

“I reject the position that this proposal is necessary because school buildings can’t be modernized to educate children in the 21st Century.  The Millyard is a perfect example of what can happen with old buildings.  It’s a matter of leadership and leaders must establish and focus on the right priorities.

Our schools are failing because they aren’t responding to the needs of families.  Our public school system has to be nimble, focused and capable of providing a wide variety of desirable options to compete for students in the Twenty First Century.  It isn’t.  My proposal to save Manchester’s school system, enables our many talented, innovative and dedicated educators in each school to create the educational options they believe families will choose.  And, the system has to provide incentives and rewards for excellence.  My plan does this and will provide options that will attract more families to our schools without breaking the bank.”

Click here “for the math” which is also presented starting at about 27 minutes into the video below.