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MANCHESTER, NH  August 7, 2021–The campaign of Manchester Republican mayoral candidate Richard Girard released a video of Girard filing his candidacy paperwork.  After filing on July 21, 2021, Girard gathered with his family and gave a statement in front of the statue of General John Stark outside City Hall.  Following his statement, his wife Jennifer shared some thoughts, which have been reprinted below.  Unfortunately, she was too far from the camera and wind noise made the audio unusable.  Following their remarks, Andy Sylvia of ManchesterInkLink asked several questions, which Rich too time to answer.  Each item is provided as it was prevented during the short event.  In addition to his wife, with Rich at the event were his five children, Dominic (21), Colette (20), Madeleine (19), Emeric (10) and Amelie (9) and his mother Nancy Churas Girard and mother in-law Sandy Thibault.  

From Jennifer:

Our story began when my job relocated to Manchester in the summer of 1995.  As a lifelong resident of Hudson, I did not make it to Manchester too often.  If I knew it would be where I would meet my future husband, perhaps I would have come here sooner.  But you know what they say, timing is everything.

Suffice it to say I met Rich at Ste. Marie Church in October of that same year, with our first date just a few months later on a snowy day in December.  It’s a fun story, our first date. So, if you’re interested in knowing it, feel free to ask me about it some time!  You could ask Rich, but I think my version is just a little bit better.

But, stories are what we have.  And having been married for almost 25 years, we have lots of them.  Some happy.  Some sad.  Some stories of heartache and great challenge.  Some stories of victory and triumph.  

As I reflect on these stories that have been part of my life, our life, I look at them with much gratitude and thankfulness because those stories have brought us to where we are today.  They have made us who we are and will lead us into tomorrow where we will create more stories.  Better stories.  

That having been said, Manchester also has a story containing the characteristics similar to life with its ups and downs and twists and turns.  Rich knows Manchester’s stories.  He knows Manchester’s history.    He knows what makes the city work.  I love to hear him tell stories of how Manchester was built.  He proudly shows friends who visit  from out of town the great tales of the mills that built Manchester.   The stories of the people with their challenges and triumphs. 

But sadly, it would appear that Manchester is in much need of repair.

Fortunately, Rich has a vision for a better Manchester.  A vision that deals with the homeless issues, schools, crime, housing and so much more.  You just have to talk to Rich for a little bit to understand his knowledge and love of the city, his solutions and ideas.  AND he is very transparent about his thoughts.  Wow, a transparent politician  -what a concept!  But, you see, Rich has always been that way.  It is just who he is.  

When I told Rich I could support his run for mayor almost a year ago, (And, yes, it was my idea first!)  he said to me, “You know what that would mean right?”  “Yes, I do,” I responded.   I knew what it would mean for our family and us.  Politics, after all, can be a blood sport, especially when people make it personal.  But, I also knew what it would mean for Manchester.  

It would mean we would restore a sense of leadership back to city hall.  It would mean innovation and smart spending.  It would mean parental choice and a sense of pride.  It would mean toughness and getting the job done.  And, I believe no one has the ability to bring this city forward in the right direction like Rich Girard.  I am proud of him, I am proud of our stories and the time is right to start believing in better.  Please join me in supporting my husband and love of my life-Rich Girard as our next mayor of Manchester.  

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