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CNHT’s Annual Picnic

(Hour 3a) Rich spoke about the straw poll that was taken at the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayer’s annual picnic over the weekend.  He talked about work that Gubernatorial candidate Frank Edelblut has done, the heckling...

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603 Alliance Caucus

(Hour 3b) Kimberly Mornin of Examiner.com joined us for Politically Buzzed.  She kicked off the segment by talking to us about the 603 Alliance Caucus.  She and Rich took a detour to talk about a group that is against the NRA...

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The 603 Alliance

(Hour 3b) Jim Kofalt, Co-Founder of the 603 Alliance, joined us this morning to shed some light on the Alliance and his mission with it.  Their goal is to find a candidate who stands firm with certain beliefs that they agree...

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