Picture of pickup taken by threatened worker

On Friday December 30th, at approximately 9:06 in the morning, the Goffstown Police Department received a call from a Goffstown public works employee who said he’d been threatened with a gun while removing snow on Mast Road.  The threat maker, who displayed a firearm and told the employee he was going to shoot him, may have been unhappy with the minor traffic backup caused by the snow removal operation.  The suspect, who was driving a 1 9 9 9 to early 2000s model Dodge 1500 pickup truck, was described as a white male in his early 40’s with a goatee.  The vehicle was last seen headed toward Manchester on Mast Rd. from the area of College Rd.  If anyone has information regarding this incident or may have witnessed it, please contact the Goffstown Police Department at 4 9 7 4 8 5 8. 

Candia Police: A record month?

Let’s hope he didn’t head for Candia, where the Crime Wave that’s been battering the tiny town took a turn for the worse last month.  The Candia Police Department reported it issued 7 6 motor vehicle warnings and no, that’s ZERO, motor vehicle summons.  Despite their apparent disregard for the enforcement of traffic laws, they made what might be a record number of arrests, fourteen in all, on a series of charges ranging from taking a sixteen year old into protective custody for quote alcoholism, the department says a juvenile petition is forthcoming on that one, to multiple charges of minor in possession of alcohol, to drug possession, theft, unauthorized use of a vehicle, driving under suspension, operating without a license, misuse of plates, stalking, obstructing the report of a crime or injury, simple assault, violation of probation and, wait for it, having an unlicensed dog. 

Hickey: When is an overdose not an overdose?

The Manchester Fire Department released the latest statistics on the opioid crisis as last year mercifully came to an end.  The December numbers showed an up-tick in overdoses over both November of two thousand sixteen and December of two thousand fifteen.  However, Emergency Medical Services Officer Christopher Hickey said the data may not be entirely accurate as emergency responders were called a quote “alarming number of times” for a medical emergency that was logged as an overdose because a person had admitted to using opiates when emergency personnel arrived, but wasn’t in an overdose state.  Hickey said they were conscious, alert, and oriented without emergency medical intervention.  As a result, Hickey said there may be a change to how the data is recorded and reported to represent a more true number of actual overdoses and not just the opiate-related calls they currently track. 

As such, there were fifty six reported overdoses in December and four deaths.  The total number of overdose calls for the year was seven hundred seventy seven, including ninety two deaths.  Meanwhile, the Safe Stations Program, which started on May fourth, finished the year with just under one thousand visits.  Hickey said the trend lines of the opioid epidemic were headed in the right direction.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Application deadline extended

Building On Hope, the New Hampshire-based organization of volunteers that provide renovations to deserving non-profits, is currently searching for its next “Extreme Makeover” type renovation project and has extended the deadline for interested organizations until January 15th.  Building On Hope is accepting initial submissions in the form of letters from in-state, non-profit organizations in need of significant improvements to facilities they operate.

To meet the criteria, the organization must be a 5 0 1 c 3, own its facility and be located within 20 miles of Manchester.  To be considered for the 2018 signature project, please compose a letter describing the non-profit’s mission and programs and how they benefit the community.  Also, explain the renovation work that is needed, and how a remodeled structure could transform the organization and its services.  All letters should be emailed to Building on Hope co-chair Karen Van Der Beken at k van der beken @ easter seals n h dot org.  Non-profits that meet the criteria will later be asked to fill out a formal application provided directly by Building on Hope.

Visit building on hope dot com to learn more about the organization, donate or sign up to volunteer.

Hosting Inaugural Ball

The 6 0 3 Alliance, an umbrella group representing a number of conservative political and issue groups in the state, will hold its own Presidential Inaugural Gala, featuring the B Street Bombers and a live video feed of the Inaugural Ball in Washington, D C.  The event also includes great food, dancing and a cash bar.  Tickets are seventy five dollars per person with proceeds to benefit the Liberty House in Manchester, an organization that provides services to homeless and other veterans in need of assistance.  Tables may be reserved and host and sponsorship opportunities are available by emailing info @ 6 0 3 alliance dot org.  Formal attire is suggested, but not required.  The event will be held at the Grappone Center in Concord and organizers have arranged for a special rate for overnight stays at the hotel.  We’ve published the registration link with this news read in case you’re interested. 

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