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Can NY Buy NH Elections?

(Hour 2a) State Representative JR Hoell told Rich about an attempt by out of state interests to remove Senator Kevin Avard and replace him with Peggy Gilmore.  They shared about Michael Bloomberg’s role in the matter and...

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Our Rights and Our Safety

(Hour 3b) Kimberly Morin of Examiner.com spoke to us about the 2nd annual gun rights rally that the Women’s Defense League was involved in.  She and Rich spoke about House Bill 582 and they discussed Governor Maggie...

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Drug Issues and Gun Control

(Hour 3b) Kimberly Morin of Examiner.com spoke to us about the changing opinion of both heroin and marijuana for Politically Buzzed.  She and Rich discussed the Good Samaritan law and the incarceration for the use of marijuana....

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It’s how we freed the colonies

(Hour 2a,b&c) Susan Olsen, of the Women’s Defense League, began a three segment visit to our studio to teach us about SB 116, otherwise known as the constitutional carry bill.  She touched on aspects of this...

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