Tag: Property Tax

The Taxman and Bad Weather

(Hour 3a) Rich talked about the Manchester tax assessment, and how the tax rate may or may not change for people, and how the assessment works. Afterwards, Al Kaprielian called in to give us the weekend weather, and tell us...

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Mayoral race and city budget

(Hour 3b) In this segment Rich gave us a look at the Manchester financials. He discussed the tax cap, city budgets, and shared his thoughts on the upcoming mayoral race.  Also, he targeted incoming mail by talking about the...

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Raging budget battle in Derry

(Hour 2c) Will Stewart, president of the Greater Derry Londonderry Chamber of Commerce, joined us this morning for our Chamber Chat segment.  He talked to us about having an economic development guide, the raging budget battle,...

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Derry struggles with tax burden

(Hour 2a) The Derry Town Council meeting overwhelmingly rejected the proposal to use part of their surplus in order to relieve the tax burden this year.  We also heard Rich describe the colorful Albert Dimmock as he excoriates...

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