January One 1850.  

As state by state voter fraud schemes created by lawsuits, rigged court cases, and leftist legislatures take hold you will see more stories like this one from New York State where some voters are “164 years old”.

Naile:  Wow, that's a dedicated voter

Naile: Wow, that’s a dedicated voter


Yea it all sounds kind of goofy to let someone use the birth year of 1850 for their voter registration card.  But winning by our pals on the left is all that matters. In the upside down world of being progressive – it makes sense.

Take a look at New Hampshire’s statewide voter database if you have $3,500 bucks.

Are we any better than New York?

The birth dates on most of the NH voter list start with January first.

In the name of secrecy in keeping public information from citizens concerned with NH’s rampant voter fraud NH officials play games with birth dates on the front side of the numbers rather than make up fake birth years.

The result is happily for them the same.

Thank a Democrat next time you see one standing around the poling place.

He might be from New York