Posted 5/12/12

Rich has attempted to reach Dian McCarthy, the Vice Chair of the Goffstown School Board to address these issues.  Should she reply, we will post it here under this post.  And, of course, we’ll be discussing this on Monday’s show.

Subject: RE: MVMS consultant search

Date: Sat, May 12, 2012 10:54 am
To: “Dian McCarthy”


Hi, Dian.

I regret that I am feel it necessary to document, via email, my attempts to reach you to further discuss the information mentioned below.

From your email, I gather that, while you’ve stated you will recuse yourself from any vote on awarding a contract in this matter, it appears you have been and will continue to involve yourself in the discussions over whether or not the district should pursue this course of action.  This begs the question of why the district is in possession of bids, including one from your company, if the decision to pursue this course of action has yet to be made.

Further, it would appear that your participation in this conversation is, in and of itself, a violation of the the school board’s ethics policy, as published on the district’s Web site:

To be sure, I’m looking for a response from you that will rectify what appears to be a clear violation of your district’s conflict of interest policy.  I will also renew my invitation to you to be a guest on my show to explain this in your own words and to discuss, in general, the upheaval that seems evident at MVMS.

Be advised, that in addition to posting this material on facebook and my blog at, this will be a news item on Monday’s show, so we hope to have you and or your comments.

Best Regards,

Rich Girard