Ed Naile(Hour 1b, c) Ed Naile from the Coalition of NH Taxpayers detailed a voter nest INSIDE the NH Attorney General’s office. Assistant Attorney General Michael K. Brown of Salem hosted Organizing for America campaigner, Melissa Shohet. Martha Fuller Clark, Millie Knudson, Emma Rous, and Cindy Rosenwald allowed non-resident voters, including Daniel K. Barluschke, Bryan Gregory Griffith, Paolo Cozzi and others to fraudulently vote. What can we do when the enforcers of our laws are breaking the laws?

Listen why Ed goes to Girard at Large, Granite Grok, Jeff Chidester’s show of WGIR, and NH Insider for investigating voter fraud. And speaking of investigating, Manchester City Clerk Matt Normand was told by the NH Attorney General’s office to remove posters detailing changes in the law, due to complaints. Upon investigation, it was found the only complaint came from Attorney General Michael Delaney!

Ed also chronicles how the Voter Fraud issues in our state are getting much worse. “During the 2012 Election, the problem EXPLODED!” That’s because people like Sarah N. Austino, who worked on campaigns for Ron Barber in Arizona, Ron Klein in Florida, Suzanne Bonamici in Oregon and Barack Obama in NH, fraudulently voted in NH!

Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s daughter, Molly Shaheen, who resides and owns a business in California, was recently featured in Rush Limbaugh’s newsletter. Find out why!