Former State Senator Jim Rubens, R-Etna, announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination for United States Senate.  The winner of this primary will face Senator Jeanne Shaheen in 2014.  Rubens is a quirky politician.  Known as a reformer, the “serial business creator” has proposed an aggressive campaign targeting several “3rd rail” issues, including “entitlement reform.”

We first interviewed Rubens about his senatorial ambitions on July 24th.  He took several calls from the audience and handled a number of very direct, if not blunt questions.  It’s “good radio.”


In addition that that interview, his actions and statements have been the subject of several newscasts.  They are available here.

His was one of the more interesting candidate announcements in recent times.  It was short, sweet, pointed and loaded.  It certainly laid bare his passion for the run.  Of course, we will keep tabs on his and all federal campaigns as they are announced and progress.