Girard at Large has been inundated with Common Core materials from around NH and the country.  We have taken the time to review this material and post what we believe is representative of what’s out there.  There is simply no way for us to publish it all.  All of what we’ve been published has been verified and virtually all of it comes from newly created materials recommended and or “aligned” to the standards published by Common Core itself.  They appear in no particular order.  Like it or not, these materials are being produced, they are being used, some of them are right here in Manchester and other NH Communities.

Worksheet asks children to remove parts of the Bill of Rights in 6th Grade

3rd and 4th grader assignment on story of adultery

How the government creates jobs

Math questions about slave killings and beatings

Albany High School persuasive writing assignment that makes kids Nazis, Jews evil

4th grade “circle” math from Louisiana

2nd grade math “in my brane” from South Dakota

Add by breaking numbers into 10

New Manchester algebra book that teaches how to take the test

Political high school “informational text” from North Carolina

4th grade math question about using math to determine how many hands were shaken

“Piggy Book” recommended for Manchester’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades

Slave Math-Frederick Douglas

More slave math

Third graders taught how to protest

Now teaching who lives and who dies based on race, age, sex and other factors

Manchester 7th Grade ELA unit on teaching “the purpose of life.”

Teaching First Graders to use “emotional words”

Creating globalists in elementary school to care about political and social justice in the world