In addition to various Common Core materials being used around the country and in NH, we’ve also received several blogs started by Manchester School District educators.  It amazes us that teachers and principals are discussing the adoption of Common Core State Standards in the MSD when the Board of School Committee has yet to adopt them.
From Parker Varney Principal.  Note the comment about “emphasis” on “collecting and sharing data this year.”  “HealthTeacher” brags about “Deep Common Core Alignment.”

In addition to these blogs, we’ve received from parents and the school district a number of communications home to parents.  We consider all of this to be presumptive at best and misleading in general given that the district has yet to do anything other than commission a consultant to “realign” the district’s curriculum and develop new curriculum guides, guides which were tabled at the August 27, 2013 meeting of the Curriculum and Instruction Committee.

Despite being tabled pending further review and the expressed desire to get additional information, Superintendent Debra Livingston, who presided over the development of the guides, admitted directing the teaching staff to use the guides despite not being able to cite the authority by which she took that action.  Livingston has said the materials sent home did not require her authorization as they are merely designed to explain what’s happening in the classrooms.  We note that what’s happening in the classrooms hasn’t been authorized by the Board of School Committee.

Common Core Documents Parker Varney 1st Grade

Common Core Documents Jewet 5th grade

Common Core Documents Gossler Park presumably.  We say “presumably” because the entry data from the school district starts with the hand written note “Gossler Park” on the first page of this entry and ends with the same hand written note on the last couple of pages.

Common Core Documents Green Acres Kindergarten

Common Core Documents Weston School Open House

Common Core Documents Beech St School