Hooksett, NH December 15, 2013– I find myself on Facebook a lot these past few weeks, with my “In-Your-Facebook” approach to Hooksett School Board politics, similar to my well respected colleague Mr. David Pearl,

however the debate and discussion is not on track, so I would like to see if we can focus as the Tuesday December 17 @ 6:30 p.m. Hooksett School Board meeting at Cawley Media Center approaches, with a most likely vote on some type of a Pinkerton contract.

Many supporters of a “Pinkerton-Only” option for Hooksett high school aged children have come out of the woodwork, many of them taking verbal haymakers at me, even bringing out one of the most respected politicians in our Town, a man who admittedly has been a long standing member of debate teams and such, to wage verbal warfare on the grounds of comparing Pinkerton Academy to Manchester or the Satellite School options.

I am here to say, they have missed the point entirely……or perhaps they have done so on purpose?

You see, my Hooksett School Board stance has been consistent, even before I was elected.  My stance is this:

I support the following beliefs, and this is where the debate needs to go:

(Debate Point 1)

A parent who has raised their child, from birth to age 13,14,15 or 16, knows their child better than any Hooksett School Board member, knows their child’s learning style and capability, knows their extra curricular interests like band, sports or theater for example, and knows what those child’s dreams and  aspirations are with regards to where that child would like to attend high school.

(Debate Point 2)

Hooksett does not have a high school.

(Debate Point 3)

Because of this, our duty as Hooksett School Board representatives is to ensure that Hooksett high school aged children are allowed the most choices to  satisfy the vast array of individual children with different ideas on what is the “best” high school with regards to satisfying their personal interests.

(Debate Point 4)

Because of all of this, and collecting the input from Hooksett citizens and  children for over 1 year now, I stand behind my vision of:

3 “Anchor” Schools (2 School Districts) With Bus Transportation To All 3 schools:

Pinkerton Academy, Derry NH (With NO Minimum Enrollment Restrictions)

Manchester Central, Manchester NH

Manchester West, Manchester NH

3 “Satellite” Schools

Londonderry High School, Londonderry NH

Bow High School, Bow NH

Pembroke Academy, Pembroke/Allenstown NH

So there you have it.  Four debate points that I will engage folks with if they choose.  Comparing schools is a waste of time, because the decision for high school goes beyond a building, teachers, computers and resources, it involves the human element, human emotions, and human feelings.  I will NOT disregard these most precious qualities in high school aged children.

In closing, I will share a story with you.  I was late to a Hooksett School Board meeting recently, which was a workshop on the budget with the budget committee.  I had a schedule conflict.  I had scheduled an interview session with 3 Troop 292 Boy Scouts and their adviser at the library where the boys had to interview a Hooksett School Board member as part of the requirements for a merit badge.  I chose to go help the Boy Scouts because I had heard the school budget presentations before.  I struggled with this decision because I don’t like to be late for or miss appointments with anyone.

After a wonderful interview with these scouts, who by the way attended Manchester Central, Manchester West and Londonderry High School, made me realize just how important it was for me to continue speaking about the 4 points listed above, even without full board support, or without support from a loud few in our community.

I will continue to fight for what is right and honorable, because that is what I was elected to do…….represent the majority of my Hooksett constituents with proposals that satisfy as many as possible, not as few as possible.

Kids, put on your high school colors of Pinkerton, Manchester, Londonderry, Bow, or Pembroke and show up to the meeting Tuesday night to give us your 3 minutes of public input.  It is your American right to free speech and your right to express yourself for this debate about the high school direction for Hooksett NH.

I will have my High School colors on……..will you?

John Lyscars

Hooksett School Board Clerk

“I Listen, Learn and Take Action for Hooksett!”