A recount this morning confirmed the victory of third place winner Amy Boilard over Jack Sweeney who finished fourth.  Both candidates picked up a handful of votes over the electionAmy Boilard night tally, but the seven vote margin of victory didn’t change.   Below are the recounted results.  Before the backslash is the recounted number, after is the original vote count from the election.  1,841 ballots were cast on Election Day.  The recount tallied 1,840.

Those with the top three vote counts are the winners.

James Sullivan  1,025/1020

Mike Berry  832/832

Amy Boilard  695/691

Jack Sweeney  688/684

Trisha Korkosz 550/554

Jason Hyde  449/449

Becky Berk  262/263 (withdrew candidacy prior to vote)