Shaheen:  Campaign unites to change her position on federal gas tax hike.

Shaheen: Campaign unites to change her position on federal gas tax hike.

07-10-2014 News

The New Hampshire Republican Party is pouring fuel on the gas tax troubles of Simon Says Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Health Care Queen.  In a release sent yesterday, the party chronicled a series of news media reports that really make it look like Shaheen’s wishing she didn’t say what she reportedly said.  According to the release, the Portsmouth Herald is standing by the June ninth story in which it originally reported Shaheen’s support for an increase in the national gas tax.  Apparently, the Herald has also rejected requests from Shaheen’s reelection campaign to change the story.  The Concord Monitor ran a story this past Sunday in which it wrote the Shaheen campaign could not confirm or deny the accuracy of the Herald’s story.  The G O P even dug up comments then State Senator Jeanne Shaheen made in nineteen ninety five in favor of raising the state gas tax and reminded everyone that she proposed a state sales tax after signing the pledge opposing such a tax.  G O P Chairman Jennifer Horn said Shaheen’s quote “dishonest attempt to walk back her comments on this disastrous tax increase reminds Granite Staters that she is a hypocritical Washington politician who will do and say anything to get elected.”  End quote.

Hemingway:  Looking for 100 ideas

Hemingway: Looking for 100 ideas

Republican gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hemingway has launched a new initiative he calls One Hundred N H Ideas.  Hemingway will host Idea-Raisers across the state to gather people to share their thoughts and discuss innovative solutions to the state’s problems.  Hemingway for Governor will solicit ideas and concepts from members of the public about what legislative and administrative ideas they have, through a website, social media and traditional mail.  The ideas will be collected and disseminated throughout the campaign cycle and the top one hundred will be published in a booklet for everyone in the government and public to review.  Said Hemingway, “It is the hard working families, the business owners—small and large–who are affected by the rules and laws made by government, so that’s where we should go for ideas.  I want to hear from the public, from elected officials—at the state, county and local level– from business owners, workers, students…from anyone with a stake in this state.  We need to bring back a sense of partnership with all these entities.”  You can submit an idea by going to 100 n h ideas dot com, by tweeting the idea to @hemingway4gov hash tag #100nhideas or by mailing in a pre-designed postcard the campaign will be handing out at each event.  Members of the public are also welcome to simply mail an idea into Hemingway for Governor at 18 50 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03104.  Hemingway said he got the idea from Florida Senator Marco Rubio who did something similar.

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Murphy:  Had bright idea, got 109 arrests

Murphy: Had bright idea, got 109 arrests

The Manchester Police Department announced it arrested one hundred nine wanted individuals from February through May thanks to the efforts of a newly formed Warrant Squad within the department.  The brainchild of Sergeant Brandon Murphy, a nine man team was assembled to identify and locate Manchester’s most wanted and bring them to justice.  After compiling their list, a four man team worked dedicated blocks of time each week arresting the wanted individuals.  Those taken into custody included those wanted on a variety of charges including:  First Degree Assault,  Robbery,  Domestic Assault, violations of various controlled drug acts and burglary, among others.  We’ve posted the department’s release with all the details of how they pulled it all together.


Dunbarton: Balke sends parting regards

Goffstown’s new Superintendent Brian Balke has penned a thank you note to the residents of Dunbarton for the opportunity to serve them for the last forty plus years.  Balke wrote the communities of Dunbarton, Goffstown, and New Boston partnered together to cultivate the development of their children.  Working together, he writes, families, teachers, administrators, and students have forged relationships that have positively impacted multiple generations within their communities.  He asserted the Goffstown School District will continue to provide high-quality educational experiences to the more than one hundred Dunbarton students who will be remaining in Goffstown’s schools as Dunbarton transitions to Bow.  He concluded offering best wishes for continued success to Dunbarton as it embarks on a new journey with the Bow School District.  He said it had been an honor to serve them and that they will be missed.  Gotta wonder if this guy had been in charge, whether or not Dunbarton would have left.  Classy move.  We’ve publish his letter in its entirety at Girard at Large dot com.

Phone Scam Alert...Again...

Phone Scam Alert…Again…

The Hooksett Police Department issued a statement reminding the public not to give any personal information over the phone.  It has been reported that scammers are calling people and advising them that they are a family member and need money to get out of jail.  Upon further questioning, the scammers hung up, and did not get any money from the person they called.  The department urges the public be cautious when anyone calls asking for money for any reason.

Crystal Lake:  Now open

Crystal Lake: Now open

The Manchester Health Department reopened the public beach at Crystal Lake yesterday.  It is now safe to swim in the water as E coli levels have fallen back within acceptable limits.  The Health Department will continue to take weekly water samples at Crystal Lake through Labor Day.

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