Lvingston & Ryan(Hour 1a, b) The Manchester School Board just never ceases to amaze us.

Why the big rush to “move forward” on Common Core?

Why haven’t we seen more meaningful contact from school administrators with standards experts like Dr. James Milgram and Dr. Sandra Stotsky, who offered their services for free?

Why the apparent contempt for public input on the entire process?

Rich called out “dishonest” Assistant Superintendent David Ryan and the “open, collaborative effort” that is shamelessly leading to a pre-determined outcome.

But first, Rich took a moment or two to thank the many who’ve been in contact since yesterday’s show.

(Hour 1a) 07-15-2014 Hour 1a

Rich and DJ Dave had a brief discussion about 80’s lady rock stars Pat Benatar and Joan Jett.

The humble host dove back into his largely unanswered e-mail exchanges with Assistant Super Ryan.  Is Ryan being deliberately uncooperative?

Rich got into more examples of the “deck-stacking in favor of Common Core collaborative” process we’ve witnessed from school administrators.

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(Hour 1b) 07-15-2014 Hour 1b