Lawrence Cheetham(Hour 1c, 2a) Lawrence Cheetham is running for NH State Representative in the Town of Bedford.

Cheetham told us about his family, his professional life and his passion for the “innocent community” of Bedford.

Why is he running for office?

“The world is upside down.  This is not the NH that I know.”

Cheetham discussed his opposition to Common Core and the “questions about questions” for Bedford School District administrators.  He believes that local control would be lost if the controversial standards rule the day.

“Common Core is not good for the commoners of Bedford.”

(Hour 1c) 07-15-2014 Hour 1c

Cheetham sounded off on several issues including business taxes, new MA taxes on NH businesses (hello, Governor Hassan… where are you?), energy taxes, Northern Pass, Climate Change, the EPA, Right to Know laws and Voter ID.  Larry finished strong with the quote of the day.

“America isn’t good because it’s great, it’s great because it’s good.”

(Hour 2a) 07-15-2014 Hour 2a

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Lawrence Cheetham for NH House