Hirschmann:  Proposed poker machine licensing changes

Hirschmann: Proposed poker machine licensing changes

Committees of the Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen will meet this week and there are some items of note.  On Tuesday, the Committee on Administration will convene and determine the fate of ordinance amendments submitted by Ward Twelve Alderman Keith Hirschmann to further regulate poker machines in the city.  Hirschmann, whose apparently now read the ordinance, is looking to hike the fee by five hundred bucks, create a special enforcement fund, which appears to be off budget, and impose criminal background checks on all applicants with the purpose of disqualifying those with criminal records from having poker machines.  We note for the record that this is yet another item that went straight to committee instead of being referred there by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

Craig:  Proposes to ban Spice

Craig: Proposes to ban Spice

Also on the committee’s agenda is a matter referred by the board and that is the communication from aldermen Joyce Craig of Ward One and Garth Corriveau of Ward Six requesting the board develop an ordinance to ban the possession and sale of Spice in the city.  Given last week’s epic haul of the stuff in a raid on the Spider Bite tatoo and body piercing parlors on Elm Street, I’m thinking the aldermen are going to do something on that sooner than later.

There’s also an item from the city’s Fleet Manager Wesley Anderson looking for approval of an agreement with Liberty Utilities to wash their vehicles at the city’s garage.  Who knew the city might be able to use its unique facilities to earn some cash providing a service to those who need it and can’t find it elsewhere.

Arnold:  Negotiating with city

Arnold: Negotiating with city

The Committee on Lands and Buildings will receive an update from Economic Development Director William Craig tomorrow.  Of concern is an item in his letter to the board regarding Hackett Hill.  It says quote “All of the land formerly owned by the City has been conveyed to private developers who have approached the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to re-zone certain portions of the land for multi and senior housing.”  End quote.  Frankly, I thought they’d already killed that, but we’ll have to take a look.  Also of interest is a note saying that city staff is negotiating with former Ward Twelve Alderman and mayoral candidate Patrick Arnold’s lobbying firm to develop a purchase and sale agreement to build a massive mega dorm on the Pearl Street Parking Lot.

Arthur & Donna Green:  Cant make this stuff up

Arthur & Donna Green: Cant make this stuff up

And just before we hit the break, we have juicy news out of the Timberlane Regional School District where renegade school board member Donna Green has called out both the school board and budget committee for their failure to place items on their agendas and Ed Naile has bagged an out of state voter who voted in the Queen City AND out of state in the same election.  We’ll have details later in the show on both.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Humphrey: All in for Brown

“The Primary is over and it’s imperative to elect Scott Brown.  As soon as the votes were in, I sent the maximum contribution to Scott Brown, and I’m with him all the way.”  That’s what conservative icon and former Senator Gordon Humphrey said in a statement issued on Friday.  Humphrey had backed former State Senator Jim Rubens in the GOP nomination race for U S Senate.  Humphrey, who nearly defeated then Governor Jeanne Shaheen as she ran for a third term continued:  Quote  “It’s time to send Jeanne Shaheen back to the real world…She’s Obamacare’s biggest booster, even lying, when she said we could keep our doctors.  Let’s bring her home and let her experience first hand the health care nightmare she helped create.”  End Quote.

Shaheen:  Backing Obama, Attacking 1st Amendment

Shaheen: Backing Obama, Attacking 1st Amendment

He called Shaheen President Obama’s most loyal supporter, noting she’s voted with him ninety nine percent of the time quote “against jobs, opportunity and the well-being of our families and children.  That’s not representing New Hampshire,” said Humphrey, “That’s being a rubber stamp to a President who is an abject failure all across the board.”  Humphrey concluded saying he was going all out to support Scott Brown.  Quote “Let’s create jobs.  Let’s replace Obamacare with real health care reform.  Let’s restore America’s standing in the world.”

A bill Shaheen co-sponsored to alter the First Amendment by giving the government power to regulate who could engage in political speech and who couldn’t, made it past a key procedural vote in the senate last week, in case you missed it.

Van de Car:  Feeling the love

Van de Car: Feeling the love

The New Hampshire Lottery and New Hampshire Motor Speedway named Merrimack High School teacher Jon Van de Car New Hampshire’s All-Star Educator during a surprise visit to the school last week.  In an effort to recognize schools’ unsung heroes, the  Lottery and the Speedway asked high school principals across the state to nominate “All-Star Educators” who make a difference in the lives of students, staff and family members. Van de Car, a thirty six year welding and automotive instructor at Merrimack High, will be honored with a VIP experience at the SYLVANIA 300 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race on Sunday, September 21st.  With flowers, balloons and a $3,000 donation, New Hampshire Lottery officials surprised Van de Car in his classroom on Monday.

Van de Car:  He gets award, school gets cash

Van de Car: He gets award, school gets cash

As the winner, Van de Car’s school receives a $2,500 donation, and another $500 donation goes to Van de Car’s favorite school program.  Van de Car will be introduced during the pre-race driver introductions just moments before the green flag drops for the second race in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 10 race playoffs.

Ten runner-up prizes of $250 were also awarded to “All-Stars” to donate to their favorite school programs.  The following were teachers in our listening area who were recognized:  Brewster Bartlett, Master Teacher of Physical Science at Pinkerton Academy; Selma Naccach-Hoff, Building Level Instructional Leader for the English Department at Manchester Central High School; Ginger Drechsel, Social Worker at the Parker-Varney Elementary School in Manchester.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next!

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